Propaganda tricks. Rule No.1: Divide and Conquer

14 Oct

One can not complete an evil scheme, against a majority of people, if they stand united against the evil scheme. An old but still valid trick: Make them hate each other. They’ll be too busy fighting each other, to see what’s going on. It seems that this idea, never goes out of fashion! I am amazed it still works. Despite the unlimited access of information, people still seem to prefer NOT to check the info they get from mass media. As if they have always proven to be soooo reliable, that they deserve our complete trust…?

So here ‘s some truth, that you are very welcome to cross check,  about their favorite crisis’ scapegoat:Greece
Data concerning 2009, taken from our own EU’s : Eurostat! For more go to:”Greek propaganda debunked” category

1. Greeks are lazy


Country Working hours per employee
Austria 1581
Belgium 1550
France 1554
Germany 1390
Greece 2119
Italy 1772
Spain 1653
Norway 1407
Netherlands 1378
Portugal 1719
Sweden 1602
Finland 1673
Denmark 1559
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