Referendum? Who said anything about a referendum?

04 Nov

At 22:40 Athens time tonight, the second day of discussions about the vote of confidence, which will take place tomorrow  Friday night the 4th of November, was concluded in the Parliament.

The discussions were tensed, rude and extremely disappointing. If there was a shred of hope about Greek politicians, I for sure, have lost it.

Despite the fact that the PASOK government has now lost the majority and has 149 out of 300 seats in the Parliament,despite that the people are calling for elections as much as the opposition parties do, the Greek P.M. refuses to quit.He will wait for his vote of confidence.

What he did achieve today, was to gain the main opposition party’s (ND), agreement, to accept the 26/10 deal, as long as there is a joint governance. He called their bluff  and now everybody knows, they only wanted the power. ND was pretending to be against it, to attract voters. At least, their voters had an eye-opening day.

He also found such great satisfaction in that, that he no longer finds the need for a referendum. It has been canceled. It seems it was just a trick to blackmail the opposition in agreeing with his deals. He won.

So there will be NO elections, NO referendum. (Sorry, mislead democracy defenders!). He still has to face the vote of confidence tomorrow, but even if he loses, they have agreed to make the coalition government.
A coalition of submissive cowards and crooks. In the name of national continuity, i think they put it..  They even suggested the Greek, former vice president of the ECB  for the position of temporary P.M.!

The markets are already very happy, EU is relieved.

I doubt if any Greek citizen is sleeping tonight.

P.S. Do they really believe that people’s rage will be calmed by a coalition of lairs, especially if run by a banker? I stand in awe by their stupidity. Unless they do, really, want to spark a revolution… Maybe then the Americans can bomb us to restore democracy and take out the Aegean oils while they are at it...


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  1. Katerina

    November 7, 2011 at 7:12 pm


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