Voting for confidence to an unknown government. Agreeing to support un unknown deal.

05 Nov

Democracy is packing. Logic has already left the building. Our Faith is looking for her camping outfit.

So, that was fun. I am sure there was a lot of alcohol consumed last night, as Greeks watched their “representatives”  addressing the parliament, before they decided at midnight whether the government will enjoy a vote of confidence or not. I’ll spare you the anxiety: OF COURSE IT DID!
So, a Vote of confidence it got, with 153 in favor, 145 against.

Why would anyone assume that they wouldn’t get it?

The complete lack of negotiation will, or/and skills? Signing off the entire country to loan sharks? Not defending the country against extreme lies and deception? Not avoiding world wide humiliation? Failing to oppose proven to be useless and catastrophic for the economy, EU measures? Brutally assaulting and suppressing all legal demonstrations against their policies? Promoting fear and panic through Media, trying to convince people they have no other choice but starvation? Ignoring official testimonies of lies and deception against the people? Refusing to address official accusations of treason?  Bringing the country at the edge of a cliff?

That’s no reason to not have confidence in  your government!

Well, here is a bit of backstage: Addressing what was at the time the most important political discussion in the world (even the american planning of Iran invasion, can not happen while the world economy is collapsing), the parliament was almost EMPTY. Maybe 20-25 people… Yeah, they started gathering around 21:00, when the party leaders would start talking, who cares about what anyone else has to say…
Then,  the entire main opposition party ( ND ) left the room, when the Greek P.M. was talking! They went for a snack! In case you are wondering why ND left, since they had agreed yesterday to create a coalition government, vote the deal and make the loan sharks happy, I shall explain: They took it back!  There was some conflict on the terms, ND didn’t like how the P.M. handled it or they couldn’t agree on the details, in any case, ND is out of the game! Which brings us to the following question…

Which is it exactly this government the parliamentarians gave their vote of confidence to?
Nobody, knows, yet! It has not been formed!

You need to understand this: In order for the P.M. to secure the vote of confidence, he promised to quit! Seriously, he promised to quit. (Please tell me I did a good job, and I promise to quit!?)

So, a lot of his party members who were threatening to vote against, were convinced, changed their decision the last moment and voted ok. Of course, it’s not the first time they say one thing then do another. We tend to see the Parliament as a gymnastics room, nowadays… They are experts on flipping. And so is the P.M. Unfortunately, nobody really trusts him to do anything he says. He will try to form a coalition government with other than ND parties… He might make his finance minister a P.M….( yeah, the people will love that..maybe then he makes the former P.M. the new government’s finance minister… You know, like the Russians do it. Just..swap!) I know I’m being silly, but I didn’t start it.
In any case, we are all waiting anxiously to see, how he is going to pull this one through, since the people do not care for any coalition government,no matter who is P.M. (People want elections. Polls show that 70% would vote for an extra-parliamentary party). But, whoever they turn out to be, we know that their job will be to ratify the EU deal.
Which brings us to the next question:
What exactly are the terms of this deal?
Nobody knows, yet! It has not been formed!

For now, we are “democratically” disabled. No referendum, cause it would either be a trap, or a big European misfortune, No elections, cause it’s not time for one yet, first we need to sign off the country.

I’m out of tequila and I can’t find my camping torch.


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3 responses to “Voting for confidence to an unknown government. Agreeing to support un unknown deal.

  1. Panos

    November 5, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    There are global signs that national democracies (or whatever is left of these ) is beeing hacked by viruses. Either constitutional vulnerabilities , or citizen lack of insight give room to democracy viruses.

    National parliaments will soon collapse in to chaos and give birth to something we all know.

    • baltar

      November 6, 2011 at 7:16 pm

      “give birth to something we all know”

      Hi Pano, what are you referring to?

  2. xmk75

    November 6, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    Noooo, my dear. WE are the experts on flipping. Flipping out…


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