Who’s next?

13 Nov


I have been silent this past week, waiting  to see how things are played out with this “crisis”.

Here’s how it has, now, been decided for the Greek people:

We get to have a coalition government consisted of the “socialist” party (Pasok) , along with the right party (ND) and the far right party (Laos). To our great surprise, four members of the far right were promoted to ministries ( Infrastructure and Defence) even though the party got less than 5 % on the last elections and wouldn’t see a ministry EVER, if the people had anything to say about it.
Which, they don’t…

The Pasok party kept the same ministers in all important ministries (I guess because they were doing suuuuch a good job…). These are the ministry of Finance (klapklapklapklap), the ministry of Environment (klapklapklapaklap), the ministry of  Education (klapklapklapklap) and the ministry of Parliamentarians’ protection, oh-excuse me, I meant Citizens’ protection.(That’s the ministry that commands the special police unit “MAT”. The new gas they sprayed, actually started killing people, they need to keep up with the good results!)

This bouquet of “renewed” government, is now been directed by our brand new Prime minister: Mr. Papadimos  (Big applause, here, please!)
European leaders are very excited to have him! His, was an excellent choice, that brought smiles and relief to the markets, the creditors and the PMs of the other occupied, oh-excuse me, I meant free democratic European nations. Excellent choice!
Why are they so happy, after he was directly involved in the Goldman Sachs “scandal”, about which they claim to have had absolutely no idea?

Could it be because they DID have an idea?

Could it be, because he is now, finally, fulfilling his role?

Could it be, because he is a banker?

Could it be, because he used to be the ECB’s vice president?

Could it be, because he was president of the Greek National Bank, right when PM Simitis was agreeing to Goldman Sachs’ creative accounting, so he will get to meet old friends?

Could it be, because he is a member of Mr. Rockefellers’ Trilateral Commission?

Of course not, you weird conspiracy theorists!
It’s because he is a fresh, un-spoiled, unselfish person who will do his best to defend his country’s interests and of course by doing so, the interests of all the European people!
You thought he would only protect the bankers’ interests… tsk! tsk! tsk! Shame on you!

To prove to you, how consistent and trust worthy the new PM is:
Two weeks ago, he was signing a financial article, explaining how catastrophic the 26/10 deal is for Europe, as well as Greece. Then, as soon as he was given the PM position, he announced the vital necessity of KEEPING UP with this agreement! Sure! It’s wonderful!

At least, he is keeping up the Greek Parliament’s national sport: Flipping! (I say what the people want to hear, until I am put into the position of actually being able to do the exact opposite!)

Great! He also says that there is no need for elections or any of that undemocratic stuff. His temporary government, just became indefinite…
I am sure his old friend, (Goldman Sachs’s manager, now President of the ECB) Mr. Draghi, is very happy about all these outcomes!

At the same time, there are some new polls out, published and played again and again in the news, that explain how the new government and the new PM, enjoy 70 % of the people’s trust! Exactly, the same 70% that would vote for a non –parliament party, last week, are now happy being ruled by the fascists, topped by a banker!

No comments about the Media… We knew already…

I am not feeling too optimistic. I could go on and on and I probably will in future posts, but, seriously…
if you still think that this is a Greek crisis, I urge you to think again.

We will keep on fighting it, of course, but we will surely not be able to stop them, alone.

P.S. Greece could solve this crisis, if it was its own, by defaulting. (A standard practice of dealing with solvency…) HERE IS THE CATCH:The contracts for the unpaid bonds are under Greek law, so they could be paid by any new Greek currency (like Drachma).
Signing the 26/10 deal turns these contracts under English law. That means that even when Greece does default, the bonds will have to be repaid in euros. This has already been the case for all the loans Greece has been forced to receive since 2009 under IMF/ECB occupation.Now the private (past) bonds will also be included.The balance between drachma and euro will make all of them impossible to repay, thus enslaving Greece to the lenders forever.

My question is: Who’s next?




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One response to “Who’s next?

  1. xmk75

    November 15, 2011 at 1:07 am

    “Two weeks ago, he was signing a financial article, explaining how catastrophic the 26/10 deal is for Europe, as well as Greece.” Could we please have a link to that one? Thanx!!


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