Find out who owes what to whom!

21 Nov

There is a very interesting graph you can visit at BBC business, that shows the debts of USA, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Portugal , Greece, Italy ,Ireland and UK, in relation to one another.

I will give you the foreign debt per person for each country and foreign debt to GDP ratio.
The rest you can see on your own:

                                            Foreign debt per person          Foreign debt to GDP ratio

Ireland:                                        390.969 euros                          1.093%

UK:                                               117.580 euros                            436%

France:                                          66.508 euros                             235%

Germany:                                       50.659 euros                            176%

Spain:                                            41.366 euros                             284%

Portugal:                                        38.081 euros                             251%

Greece:                                          38.073 euros                             252%

USA:                                               35.156 euros                             101%

Italy:                                               32.875 euros                             163%

Japan:                                            15.934 euros                              50%


Impressive, isn’t it?

Read more directly from the source,  here.





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