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Rebrading Greece – Exquisite talk

An extremely interesting and passionate meeting was recorded on 11th November 2011,
during EEDE’s (Advertising & Communication Companies Union) 11th “Aristoteli” Conference, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The conference topic was “Rebrading Greece” and the talks addressed the need for the country to rise up from the unprecedented attack and slander that it has been under and explored the effects this attack has had on economy, politics, diplomatic relations etc, but also on Greek people’s self image, as well.

This is one of my favorite talks.

The talk is in English with Greek subtitles, made by Mr Peter Oikonomides,
Global Brand and Communications Consultant, with a great deal of international experience,
including many world wide famous brands.

Enjoy Mr Oikonomides, as he manages not only to demonstrate his abilities in branding,
but also to emphasize the need for the Greeks themselves,
to believe in their own
inherent ability to imagine and change their future
as they have been doing, for the past 5.000 years.


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Is a world without money, so difficult to achieve?

Well, according to mr. Franz Hermann,  not at all!

Joining the discussions, about the next logical step,in relation to our addiction to money, mr. Hermann participates in an inspiring event by TED.

Prof. Franz Hörmann is Assistant Professor and Lecturer at the department for Business Taxation and Tax Planning, of the Department for Accounting at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna.

Here is what he had to say…




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Which are the 4 companies that control the 147 companies that own everything?

Got your attention? You’ll need it, especially if you are not much of an economics connaiseur..

Still, you must have heard about these “evaluating companies” and have understood, that every time these evaluating companies “downgrade” a nation, that nation’s citizens can forget all about their retirement funds and social services and labor agreements and prepare their children for serious famine. Some times also their grandchildren…

I will not tire you…
The four mega companies that control the world, are:

1.McGraw-Hill, which owns Standard& Poor’s

2.Northwestern Mutual which owns Russell investments

3.CME Group which owns 90% of the Dow Jones indexes (through which these “evaluations” take place) and

4.Barclay’s which is the bank that took over Lehman Brothers after the 2008 crash, along with its “Lehman Aggregate Bond Index”, that just happens to be the dominant world bond fund index.

You should get the full story on this interesting Forbe’s article, which also points out, how and why these indexes and their owners, are actually CONTROLLING our lives.

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