Here is Germany’s profit from the Euro crisis. From the German national news channel.

29 Mar

From the German news, an enlightening calculation of the German profits, from the Greek enslavement.
So that my German friends can have some facts while trying to spread the truth!
So that the rest of you can get to grasp what it is all about.

For my English speaking friends, here is the resume: (In brackets and Italic are my personal comments…)

////    From the 130 million euros, that the German gov, supposedly agreed to pay, only 15.2 millions are actually given for the “support of Greece” (money been paid to the German and French banks and not to the Greek state…). Still the German media is creating a huge anti Greek propaganda publishing lies about how they should stop wasting hundreds of millions to bail out the Greeks. The reporter then  asks some of the  members of the German finance committee, that are being interviewed. They actually don’t know the true number.
Moving to a German factory  called Tenbrick, we find out that work has increased, workers are given rises and orders have doubled, while the Chef of the factory, directly connects it to the crisis and the fact that the devaluation of the euro, has made their products cheaper to export. At the same time, in the Greek department of this factory, located in Macedonia in northern Greece, the Chef has cut back the workers from 40 to 15 and the salaries are now 500 euros for a full time employment, due to the cuts that the Greek gov. is forced to implement.
We move to the German Institute for Macroeconomics, where prof. Gustav Horn gives us the actual gain, from the euro devaluation, for German exports: 50 million euros, or 2% of the German GDP!!!
Then Mr Folker Heimailer, from the Trading offices in Bern, provides the reporter with the calculation of profits of the last two years, due to the cheap borrowing interest of the German state. He says that money flows into Germany, due to the weakness of the other countries: Total profit , the last two years is 45 million euros, even rising to 65 millions. ( Greeks are given 4 and 5% interest loans from their “partners”, while they themselves, borrow that money with 1% interest from the ECB!)
The German economic committee is once again interviewed and proven clueless..
At the end the reporter makes the calculation: In 100 millions, Out 15.2 !!! She also mentions that a ‘Marshal plan ” type of support for Greece is needed for the euro to survive and also reminds the viewers that it was the Marshal plan, that allowed Germany to recover after WWII. ( It also deprived Greece of the well-deserved war compensations, that it never, since, received, even though there was a clause deciding that Germany would have to pay war compensations, after the reunification with East Germany. German officials and media pretend this never happened… Surprisingly so does the Greek gov., while they are selling out the country and allowing -even repeating- this slander and propaganda against the Greek people. We are talking hundreds of billions, here, not less…).  /////

That’s that!

On a personal comment, I truly believe that logic will prevail. I also believe, that the solutions will come from Germany, from the German people, to the rest of Europe. For their preparation for an alternative monetary system, has had already many years on its back. Also, because their reflexes to the propaganda, that their (also traitorous) government has laid upon them, are admirable.
I only hope the people get to rise their voices loud enough, soon enough..

For some examples of the exciting studies that have been going on, since years, in Germany on how we should and could deal with finance, please keep an eye for the alternative monetary systems category, that I am about to create.

I would also like to point out that the German news channels have been more accurate since this whole mess started, than the Greek media will ever be, any time soon.
I am also initializing a category called: German news on the crisis, so you get what I mean about the way they deal with reality. Of course there are media mechanisms that support the slander in Germany, too. But it looks that their media is not completely sold off, like the Greek ones, are.

Give me a day or two… : )


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