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Netherlands. Τhe most interesting intervention, ever!Greek students confront minister Giannitsis.

So many facts and such an interesting intervention!

Must watch , if you are even slightly interested in what’s going on.



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Express money. An alternative proposal for economic recovery.

Here you can find and download the complete guide to recovery.
A proposal called “Express money”, crafted down to the last detail, from the German alternative economy scene. They have produced and translated this proposal in Portuguese, French, English and Greek.
More translations are on the way.

Please read it carefully and support it until it can reach an implementation dynamic.

For more information on alternative monetary systems, you can keep scrolling, I have plenty!


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Growing lemons in the Alps!

Use this link to look at the amazing edible garden of this couple, in Salzburg!

Already famous in Austria, Sepp Holzer and his wife were doing permaculture, years before the rest of us found out about it! They are situated at the top of the Alps,where everything is covered in snow for 4 months, but that doesn’t stop them from producing lemons and cherries and all kinds of Mediterranean produce!

Enjoy, learn, imitate!


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The doorbell

A blog named “Powerline” has created a video contest, with the challenge of creating a 1 min. video depicting most effectively the meaning and consequences of the crisis’ drama. Here is the winning video. Enjoy! It;s really, really good!!


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An intervention by Real Democracy now Berlin/Gr

There was an invitation sent, by the Heinrich-Böll institution of the german Green Party to former Greek PM Kostas Simitis in Berlin, on Monday 23/1/2012, to discuss the Crisis and the ways out of it. The German and Greek members of Real Democracy now Berlin/Gr, made an intervention, expressing their reasons to believe that his was not such a good choice…!



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Is a world without money, so difficult to achieve?

Well, according to mr. Franz Hermann,  not at all!

Joining the discussions, about the next logical step,in relation to our addiction to money, mr. Hermann participates in an inspiring event by TED.

Prof. Franz Hörmann is Assistant Professor and Lecturer at the department for Business Taxation and Tax Planning, of the Department for Accounting at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna.

Here is what he had to say…




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Logicomix- A marvelous Graphic Novel

Mathematics and philosophy meet comics through this exciting graphic novel! We follow the life of Mr Russel, the mathematician who dared remind his colleagues the biggest convention of modern science: between 0 and 1 lays INFINITY.”You dared touch infinity!” shouts a colleague in his nightmares. “Do you realize what you’ve done?” Exciting, funny and extremely informing. I would place it a schools. It makes it easy and fun to understand math, physics and philosophy.  A best seller in the states and translated in 20 languages so far, it keeps winning awards all around the world for its unique ability to tell the beautiful story of our mind’s evolution in an easy to comprehend manner and also to provide the inside of the minds and lives of the scientists that shaped this evolution..I recommend it with all my heart for grownups as well as children.

  • “It’s such an imaginative and fresh way to tell the story, and portrays mathematics as it is: a very human endeavor, full of tension, drama, humor and strange characters!”


A work of Apostolos Doxiades, Christos Papadimitriou,  Alecos Papadatos and Anna di Donna

You can visit the site and find out more about this colorful journey to logic, here! Enjoy!


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