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Netherlands. Τhe most interesting intervention, ever!Greek students confront minister Giannitsis.

So many facts and such an interesting intervention!

Must watch , if you are even slightly interested in what’s going on.



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IMF in Africa

Use this link to find out some IMF tactics in Africa.

Then compare them with what’s going on in Greece.

Then wait for your turn.


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It does start with a D…

Forgive my silence.

I have been numbed by all the insanity.

I will just give a latest news report, of what I’ve been reading these past few days:

A 77 year old pharmacist committed suicide in front of the parliament two days ago. He left a suicide note directly blaming the austerity measures for not being able to feed himself and suggesting that the youth takes arms and revolts against the oppression.

The BBC is hosting a reportage about the humanitarian crisis in Perama, Athens: 80% of the MSF aid goes to Greeks and not immigrants like it used to..

Suicides  have more than tripled in the last two years.

Which constitution kills its own citizens? Please remind me…

The president of Greek Photo-reporters’ Union, has had his head cracked open by the MAT squad, during the people’s demonstration that followed the suicide. He is undergoing brain surgery as I type.

Another reporter has also been severely beaten.

These incidents follow tens of reporters’ blunt injuries, that have not yet been investigated or addressed by our constitution, including the reporter that lost his hearing after a MAT officer threw a sound/flash bomb straight AT  him and the woman reporter that had her face cracked in front of the international press.

In which constitution is the press attacked and silenced? It keeps evading me...

The IMF suggests in a press release that the elections are cancelled, until they have time to implement their plans.

No announcement on the elections’ exact date, yet. Rumors of “postponing” it all over the media.

What is the name of that constitution that is run by exterior policies and interests…?

The police are arresting and detaining all immigrants, while the politicians are preparing concentration camps.

Meanwhile the extreme fascist party is polled to enter the parliament.

What was the name of this constitution, that uses fascism to control the population, again..?
I can’t seem to remember.

It does start with a D…, though…



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European people’s money, Bailing out Banks.

A graph showing who gets what from the new “bail out” money, supposedly helping the Greeks.

To help the English speaking readers:

Purple, 40% goes to Foreign Banks

Green, 18% goes to European Central Bank

Red, 23 % goes to Greek Banks

Blue, 19% goes to the Greek state

Please remind me,  why are the poor paying to save the rich, while it is they, who should be punished for their bad investments?

How Stupid Are We? Do we really see ourselves as credits?????
This is not a damn Video game!
You only get ONE LIFE.

How dare we be convinced, that our worth, anybody’s worth, is expressed in “money” ?

How shameful an era for humanity…


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Rebrading Greece – Exquisite talk

An extremely interesting and passionate meeting was recorded on 11th November 2011,
during EEDE’s (Advertising & Communication Companies Union) 11th “Aristoteli” Conference, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The conference topic was “Rebrading Greece” and the talks addressed the need for the country to rise up from the unprecedented attack and slander that it has been under and explored the effects this attack has had on economy, politics, diplomatic relations etc, but also on Greek people’s self image, as well.

This is one of my favorite talks.

The talk is in English with Greek subtitles, made by Mr Peter Oikonomides,
Global Brand and Communications Consultant, with a great deal of international experience,
including many world wide famous brands.

Enjoy Mr Oikonomides, as he manages not only to demonstrate his abilities in branding,
but also to emphasize the need for the Greeks themselves,
to believe in their own
inherent ability to imagine and change their future
as they have been doing, for the past 5.000 years.


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Who’s next?


I have been silent this past week, waiting  to see how things are played out with this “crisis”.

Here’s how it has, now, been decided for the Greek people:

We get to have a coalition government consisted of the “socialist” party (Pasok) , along with the right party (ND) and the far right party (Laos). To our great surprise, four members of the far right were promoted to ministries ( Infrastructure and Defence) even though the party got less than 5 % on the last elections and wouldn’t see a ministry EVER, if the people had anything to say about it.
Which, they don’t…

The Pasok party kept the same ministers in all important ministries (I guess because they were doing suuuuch a good job…). These are the ministry of Finance (klapklapklapklap), the ministry of Environment (klapklapklapaklap), the ministry of  Education (klapklapklapklap) and the ministry of Parliamentarians’ protection, oh-excuse me, I meant Citizens’ protection.(That’s the ministry that commands the special police unit “MAT”. The new gas they sprayed, actually started killing people, they need to keep up with the good results!)

This bouquet of “renewed” government, is now been directed by our brand new Prime minister: Mr. Papadimos  (Big applause, here, please!)
European leaders are very excited to have him! His, was an excellent choice, that brought smiles and relief to the markets, the creditors and the PMs of the other occupied, oh-excuse me, I meant free democratic European nations. Excellent choice!
Why are they so happy, after he was directly involved in the Goldman Sachs “scandal”, about which they claim to have had absolutely no idea?

Could it be because they DID have an idea?

Could it be, because he is now, finally, fulfilling his role?

Could it be, because he is a banker?

Could it be, because he used to be the ECB’s vice president?

Could it be, because he was president of the Greek National Bank, right when PM Simitis was agreeing to Goldman Sachs’ creative accounting, so he will get to meet old friends?

Could it be, because he is a member of Mr. Rockefellers’ Trilateral Commission?

Of course not, you weird conspiracy theorists!
It’s because he is a fresh, un-spoiled, unselfish person who will do his best to defend his country’s interests and of course by doing so, the interests of all the European people!
You thought he would only protect the bankers’ interests… tsk! tsk! tsk! Shame on you!

To prove to you, how consistent and trust worthy the new PM is:
Two weeks ago, he was signing a financial article, explaining how catastrophic the 26/10 deal is for Europe, as well as Greece. Then, as soon as he was given the PM position, he announced the vital necessity of KEEPING UP with this agreement! Sure! It’s wonderful!

At least, he is keeping up the Greek Parliament’s national sport: Flipping! (I say what the people want to hear, until I am put into the position of actually being able to do the exact opposite!)

Great! He also says that there is no need for elections or any of that undemocratic stuff. His temporary government, just became indefinite…
I am sure his old friend, (Goldman Sachs’s manager, now President of the ECB) Mr. Draghi, is very happy about all these outcomes!

At the same time, there are some new polls out, published and played again and again in the news, that explain how the new government and the new PM, enjoy 70 % of the people’s trust! Exactly, the same 70% that would vote for a non –parliament party, last week, are now happy being ruled by the fascists, topped by a banker!

No comments about the Media… We knew already…

I am not feeling too optimistic. I could go on and on and I probably will in future posts, but, seriously…
if you still think that this is a Greek crisis, I urge you to think again.

We will keep on fighting it, of course, but we will surely not be able to stop them, alone.

P.S. Greece could solve this crisis, if it was its own, by defaulting. (A standard practice of dealing with solvency…) HERE IS THE CATCH:The contracts for the unpaid bonds are under Greek law, so they could be paid by any new Greek currency (like Drachma).
Signing the 26/10 deal turns these contracts under English law. That means that even when Greece does default, the bonds will have to be repaid in euros. This has already been the case for all the loans Greece has been forced to receive since 2009 under IMF/ECB occupation.Now the private (past) bonds will also be included.The balance between drachma and euro will make all of them impossible to repay, thus enslaving Greece to the lenders forever.

My question is: Who’s next?




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What about this referendum?

Who wants a referendum?

Greece’s soon to become former P.M. and his decision to call for a referendum on the 26/10 deal, took everyone by surprise. There has been a variety of reactions to his decision:

Some call him a hero, for respecting the people’s voice

Some call him incompetent for jeopardizing the stability of the euro

Some call him an excellent “player”, for exposing the fact that Europe is terrified by the prospect of a Greek bankruptcy, thus counting on better terms on the deal while also pushing the opposition party ( ND) into an agreement

Some call him a coward, for not raising his objections while in Brussels

Some call him an agent, using Greece to destabilize the euro in favor of the dollar

Some call him a traitor, making personal profits on the back of Greece and Europe

Some call on him to resign

He might be all or none of these things, but what I would like to offer you, is  an input on how the Greeks are responding to the referendum announcement and to the implications it has had, so far.
The response could be summed up as: “Too little, Too late”

The Greeks have been demonstrating since day one, against the first deal signed by his team. They feel they should have been given the right to decide much earlier, before any agreements were made, to begin with. They feel that his decision to do so, now, is an attempt to avoid responsibility and remain in power, avoiding the demand for elections that has been strong since two years.
They, also, see a referendum, now, as a trap.
They are not happy with their range of options. If they vote YES to the deal, they accept at the same time the sum of his politics so far, which hardly reflects reality. If they vote NO, they risk bankruptcy but also take upon themselves the catastrophic results this bankruptcy will impose to other EU states.

Many also, believe, that a referendum will anyhow not be allowed to happen. Neither by the EU, in fear of a “NO”, neither by the opposition parties, who wish to profit from an upcoming election. The ongoing propaganda from the media  and officials, about the “catastrophic” results of a No vote, is supporting this argument.

This is what has happened so far: While announcing his decision, the Ministry of Defense was replacing all 16 high officers of the army, naval and air force. This has not been highly publicized, as it seems that  ms Merkel’s reactions are more important. So how did they react?.First they said he is irresponsible and insane. Then French and German leaders announced that the deal will be urgently implemented, anyhow. We shall be “saved”, whether we like it or not ( which proves the “EU fear”argument)
Then the possibility must have struck them that P.M. Papandreou is on to something! His blackmail might work and the people will not wish to leave the euro, thus legitimizing all actions so far and at the same time putting an end to all protest, strikes and demos. Since Mr. Schäuble finally announced today that he finds a referendum a good idea, we are all getting a bit worried.
At the same time, EU leaders are now using this opportunity to enforce the P.M.’s blackmail, reforming and dictating the question:
“Do you want in or out of the euro?”

To make sure we do the right thing, all money transactions have been frozen until we vote!

For the Greeks this whole story is about : “Do you wish for us to strangle you or the markets when you are left alone?” It doesn’t look good..

A tiny detour here: A careful look into the measures proposed since day one, makes very clear to the informed reader that Greece is been used as an example for the rest EU states with financial debt, by  imposing on her, way harsher demands than necessary (and hardly effective at all , at the same time..)The objective being that Greece becomes so humiliated that no one else dares to oppose to measures, reforms, wage cuts  or to expect “ debt cuts” etc.

Of course, history will show if this referendum will ever take place. The proposed date is, since yesterday, the 4th of December, much earlier than first announced. While the Greek government is crumbling, there is a vote of confidence scheduled for Friday 4th of November. In the midst of talks in the parliament right now, there are calls for a united government to lead Greece to elections, after, of course, the deal is signed.

A cooperation government is something the Greeks do not wish for, either. The financial crisis is in fact a political crisis in Greece. People have lost confidence in all parties, since decades. A law, 7 years ago, that rejects the power of the “white vote” (which represents a valid vote that announces the voter does not approve ANY of the parties)  and instead puts it in favor of the first party, did not help the situation. They actually wish for new faces to be able to participate and not to be ruled by a club of all the parties they oppose to and know to be corrupt or useless.

What is going to happen, we shall know really soon, as developments are rapidly unraveling, while I am writing this post.

In any case the future does not look very promising and No, the majority of Greeks do not feel that, through this referendum call, Democracy prevails.


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