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Peter Mertens about the future of finance and the role of grass root movements

Peter Mertens, leader of the Workers’ Party of Belgium, believes the Eurozone debt crisis is pushing member states towards “a very large number of social conflicts.” Mertens told RT that Europe faces three alternatives – Saving the euro with “authoritarian measures by taking national sovereignty overnight to the European level”, Breaking up into “two, three or four Europes”, or
Adopting a socialist model, “where banking system is public, where energy system is public, where there is democracy.”
He believes Europe needs radical changes to its financial sector and that grass root movements , people’s demand is vital.

You can enjoy his interview here:


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Express money. An alternative proposal for economic recovery.

Here you can find and download the complete guide to recovery.
A proposal called “Express money”, crafted down to the last detail, from the German alternative economy scene. They have produced and translated this proposal in Portuguese, French, English and Greek.
More translations are on the way.

Please read it carefully and support it until it can reach an implementation dynamic.

For more information on alternative monetary systems, you can keep scrolling, I have plenty!


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