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Reminding you what Democracy looks like. 1.

There is no point on agonizing over good politicians winning some elections, for the world to become a better place.

Winning the elections and gaining the power are two completely separate things.
True power lays behind the parties and will not stop getting its way until we , the citizens, realize the following old-old, basic, simple fact:

The root of  Democracy
is for its citizens
to Be rulers and to Be ruled

That means actively participating on all public decisions and actively participating on all public positions.

Far from transferring the responsibility for your own life’s decisions, to someone else.., no?

I was reminded of this fact , when I was re- reading Aristotle’s  “Politics” ( Poli=City).
I found his description of  the private person, very illuminating. I also found very indicative of how the Athenians felt about their Democracy, his fierceful  writing against “elections” and “elected representatives” or “professional politicians”, as the Athenians called them. So, I thought I share…

( An interesting note: A private person = Idiotis, in Greek.That’s where the English word” idiot” comes from!
A very accurate translation, as you are about to find out…)

The Idiotis did not care to attend in the weekly public assembly ,”Agora”, were all decision making was going on. On other occasions he was failing to perform adequately to his random (drawn) public office position. Athenian society considered an Idiotis (private person..) to be an unworthy, lazy, stupid and selfish citizen. Becoming an Idiotis was loathed. One was deprived of any political rights, ownership was made public and the Idiot was exiled or even killed if his idiocy was deemed to have been harmful for the City.
Aristotle goes on describing the “professional politician” as the worst kind of private person. Even though he attends every single meeting he does that as a sole profession, thus seeking power for self-preservation.
Being an idiotis with power he is expected to take care of his personal well-being and not that of the City.

Having an electoral system (like other City /States had) was laughed upon from the Athenians.
It meant you are not your own Ruler anymore.
It meant you are an Idiot, who depends on Idiots.

So, please stop depending. Let’s get to the point.
I’m only agonizing for the moment to come, when WE, Citizens,
finally decide to focus our discussions on the exact steps we need to take,
in order to become Self-ruled thus Self-sustained.

Only then, will there be no room for malice, injustice and misery.
Only when ALL of us make sure of it, constantly and consistently.

This is what Democracy looks like.


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Banks manipulating LIBOR, robbing us blind. Finally caught. Time for jail.

Hoping you get to realize the extent of our dependance and complete ignorance of their tactics, allowing their financial dictatorship to rule our lives and deaths, please read:

“What may still seem to many to be a parochial affair involving Barclays, a 300-year-old British bank, rigging an obscure number, is beginning to assume global significance. The number that the traders were toying with determines the prices that people and corporations around the world pay for loans or receive for their savings. It is used as a benchmark to set payments on about $800 trillion-worth of financial instruments, ranging from complex interest-rate derivatives to simple mortgages. The number determines the global flow of billions of dollars each year. Yet it turns out to have been flawed.

Over the past week damning evidence has emerged, in documents detailing a settlement between Barclays and regulators in America and Britain, that employees at the bank and at several other unnamed banks tried to rig the number time and again over a period of at least five years. And worse is likely to emerge. Investigations by regulators in several countries, including Canada, America, Japan, the EU, Switzerland and Britain, are looking into allegations that LIBOR and similar rates were rigged by large numbers of banks. Corporations and lawyers, too, are examining whether they can sue Barclays or other banks for harm they have suffered. That could cost the banking industry tens of billions of dollars. “This is the banking industry’s tobacco moment,” says the chief executive of a multinational bank, referring to the lawsuits and settlements that cost America’s tobacco industry more than $200 billion in 1998. “It’s that big,” he says.

As many as 20 big banks have been named in various investigations or lawsuits alleging that LIBOR was rigged. The scandal also corrodes further what little remains of public trust in banks and those who run them….”

This is an expert from The Economist. They are not the only ones going public with this outrageous scandal, though I don’t see it getting the spotlight it deserves in mass media…

For more, you can also read:

FSA’s Turner Says Banks Culture One of ‘Cynical Entitlement’ (Bloomberg)

Barclays Libor scandal: how can we change banking culture? (The Guardian)

Barclays just the tip of the iceberg as banking braced for more scandals (The Guardian)

Banking Reforms after the Libor scandal (Financial Times)

EU’s Barnier pushes for criminal sanctions for Libor abuse (Reuters)

Barnier Seeks to Widen EU Rules to Bar Libor Manipulation (Business Week)

The links have been collected by the people  at, promoting a signature collection to reinforce Michel Barnier, ( the EU finance regulator ) who is standing up to the powerful bank lobby and championing reform that would put bankers behind bars for fraud like this.
If the EU goes first”, they write, “accountability could quickly spread across the globe. But the banks are lobbying hard against it, and we need a massive surge of people power to drive these reforms through.”


Thank you!


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IMF in Africa

Use this link to find out some IMF tactics in Africa.

Then compare them with what’s going on in Greece.

Then wait for your turn.


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Money, explained in 3:47!

Do you want to know What is Money? Did you think you already knew? Let’s see if you were right!
This 3:47 video, will act as a small intro, causing questions and ruining misconceptions.It can not get simpler than that! For those of you , who wish to know more about the truth of creating money, I suggest further investigation! You could, also, browse through the “Role of banks” category of this blog. You will find some more analytical videos and articles on the topic.



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Which are the 4 companies that control the 147 companies that own everything?

Got your attention? You’ll need it, especially if you are not much of an economics connaiseur..

Still, you must have heard about these “evaluating companies” and have understood, that every time these evaluating companies “downgrade” a nation, that nation’s citizens can forget all about their retirement funds and social services and labor agreements and prepare their children for serious famine. Some times also their grandchildren…

I will not tire you…
The four mega companies that control the world, are:

1.McGraw-Hill, which owns Standard& Poor’s

2.Northwestern Mutual which owns Russell investments

3.CME Group which owns 90% of the Dow Jones indexes (through which these “evaluations” take place) and

4.Barclay’s which is the bank that took over Lehman Brothers after the 2008 crash, along with its “Lehman Aggregate Bond Index”, that just happens to be the dominant world bond fund index.

You should get the full story on this interesting Forbe’s article, which also points out, how and why these indexes and their owners, are actually CONTROLLING our lives.

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About rules

This is an exciting story about rules from Chris Cleeve, posted in the Guardian.


“This week our 6-year-old withdrew to his inner sanctum with a black chunky marker pen, declaring that no one was to disturb him as he would be working on a Very Important Project.

Only his little brother was allowed in to see what was happening. Low and serious whispers emanated from the room. At intervals the three-year-old would emerge, under orders to fetch some delicacy necessary to sustain the worker. At such times, scuttling to fetch a biscuit or a glass of Ribena, the little one wore the secret and beatific smile of one who has been chosen to serve a higher calling. When asked what his big brother was up to he gave a pitying look, as if we could never understand.

This went on for an hour, by which time my wife and I were consumed with curiosity. Finally our six-year-old emerged in triumph, holding a single sheet of paper covered in his brilliantly wonky writing. His little brother squealed with excitement and followed him downstairs as, in scenes reminiscent of Luther nailing his Theses to the church door, our son pinned his text to our kitchen message board. We felt certain we were about to see something mysterious; something profound. When the boy stepped back with an air of pious satisfaction, we were at last able to see what he had written:

1 – sit on your cher nislee
2 – eetign nislee
3 – ask if yoy can get out ov the taibl
4 – sai pleez and tank you
5 – Lai the taibl
6 – cleen away the tayb
7 – chry evreefing on your food plat

Having expected at the very least an addendum to the Ten Commandments, I’ll admit to momentary disappointment at seeing a list of table manners that didn’t even include instructions on the proper placement of the desert cutlery, or an opinion concerning the propriety or otherwise of a woman reapplying her lipstick at the table.

Luckily my wife instantly saw the Big Picture, namely that our children at last seemed to be developing a primitive form of civilisation. Mealtimes with our three infants have always been a scene of appalling carnage, and my wife was quick to realise that we must nurture this unexpected interest in table protocol. So this is how we have spent the last few days, eetign nislee. I must say I prefer the weeks where we all get to dress up as superheroes and whack each other with rubber swords, but it’s true that mealtimes are more intriguing now.

For 24 hours, the rules were faithfully observed, and then a beautifully sinister transformation occurred. The rules which had so united the two boys somehow became a tool to divide them. The kids began to watch each other closely, and now whenever one makes the tiniest slip from decorum, the other will pounce: “You broke Rule Two! I’m TELLING!”

It’s fun to see how quickly the kids have progressed from anarchy, via the benevolent rule of law, to a police state in which citizen spies on citizen. Because the rules were quite hard to read, I took the liberty of typing them up. This has left my wife and I free to indulge in that other great pastime of centralised sates, the Orwellian evolution of laws.

At first the boys couldn’t recall the rule that said they had to give half of their oven chips to their parents but when we called their attention to “8 – share your food”, written in black and white, they agreed that they must have been mistaken and gravely ponied up their McCain’s. Our plan now is to add one new rule per day, making them gradually more outlandish until the kids learn that the law, for the governed, is a double-edged sword. Hopefully then they will tear the list up and we can wait for the day when, without the need of written instructions, a child of ours will finally sit on their cher nislee.

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Binary rule!

After they decide about Who will be the protector of the lender’s interests,

we should also decide Who will be defending the debtor’s interests.

Binary ruling,



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