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Netherlands. Τhe most interesting intervention, ever!Greek students confront minister Giannitsis.

So many facts and such an interesting intervention!

Must watch , if you are even slightly interested in what’s going on.



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The doorbell

A blog named “Powerline” has created a video contest, with the challenge of creating a 1 min. video depicting most effectively the meaning and consequences of the crisis’ drama. Here is the winning video. Enjoy! It;s really, really good!!


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Rebrading Greece – Exquisite talk

An extremely interesting and passionate meeting was recorded on 11th November 2011,
during EEDE’s (Advertising & Communication Companies Union) 11th “Aristoteli” Conference, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The conference topic was “Rebrading Greece” and the talks addressed the need for the country to rise up from the unprecedented attack and slander that it has been under and explored the effects this attack has had on economy, politics, diplomatic relations etc, but also on Greek people’s self image, as well.

This is one of my favorite talks.

The talk is in English with Greek subtitles, made by Mr Peter Oikonomides,
Global Brand and Communications Consultant, with a great deal of international experience,
including many world wide famous brands.

Enjoy Mr Oikonomides, as he manages not only to demonstrate his abilities in branding,
but also to emphasize the need for the Greeks themselves,
to believe in their own
inherent ability to imagine and change their future
as they have been doing, for the past 5.000 years.


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Freeing energy from the grid

This an inspiring TED talk. Justin Hall-Tipping works on nano-energy startups — mastering the electron to create power. Along with his colleges they have discovered a way to take us away from the grid needed to transport and store energy.What do you think would happen if we could generate power from our windowpanes? What if we could beam energy and move our storage units? You think we can’t? Well, watch Justin Hall-Tipping as he shows you the materials that can make that possible, and proves how questioning our notion of ‘normal’ can lead to extraordinary breakthroughs. Enjoy!

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A rare wonderful man, teaches us the importance of giving! Gives me hope!

He also gives me a big smile..

Look at the inspiring story of a brave brave man:


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Here is how, we can grow a forest in the desert!

“This is just one example of how permaculture can transform the environment, and, in so doing, dramatically change lives. By evidencing the dramatic transformation possible in the world’s worst agricultural scenarios, we hope to make people stand up and listen.”

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