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Still waiting…

While everybody is still waiting for the new pawn ,eehmmm, sorry, PM I meant, a new poll in Greece shows that only 30% of the population trusts the new coalition government (which ever that might be…).
Long live democracy!
In the mean while, Italian PM Berlusconi is forced to quit by Moody’s, or they threaten to further downgrade Italy, while a former Managing director of Goldman Sachs (Mario Draghi ), is now running the ECB.
I hope none of you has any more doubts about who is running our beloved Europe.
I am actually in a good mood! There is no need to convince you anymore about our common enemy:
Financial Dictatorship!
It’s out in the open!
Meanwhile, these questions remain:       Is this the Europe we dreamt of ?


How are we going to take it back?


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