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Austrian Anfrage zur schriftlichen Beantwortung an die Kommission, about Greek PM accused of secretly profiting from Greek crisis.

Three Greek parliamentarians, insist on trying to get answers on the alleged implications of the PM’s brother and other known associates of his, on a huge CDS buy, against Greece, that occurred just before the crisis erupted. If these allegations prove to be true, it means that the PM, using his knowledge of Greece’s financial situation, gained a fortune, from the crisis and still does as long as Greece does not get solvent.

Except mutual lawsuits, no investigation on the matter has been initiated, even though, Mr. Kammenos’ research on the matter, except been very thorough, is 4 months old! He first made an official question in Parliament on the subject, on 25/6/2011. As no comment has been made, (!) him and two more parliamentarians, made a second official question on the subject on 5/8/2011.

The revelations have not been unnoticed by the Austrian Euro-parliamentarian, Andrea Mälzer who made a written demand on 25/6/2011  addressed to the Committee, also demanding for answers!

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